As locals we know the best spots to eat, explore, visit and have connections with all of the best tours on the go here in Coober Pedy.
If you want to book a tour simply ring the front desk and you'll be booked in to some of the most amazing experiences this place has to offer.

There are many things to see and do in Coober Pedy. Such as, take a tour to the Moon Plain, 15 kilometres north-east of town, a vast expanse of rock unlike anywhere else on earth. Visit the Breakaways, 33 kilometres to the north set in a striking rocky landscape of flat-topped mesas.

Further north again you can see the Painted Desert, an area of spectacular colourful hills. Try your luck at the Noodling Patch where tourists can “noodle” or search for opal pieces in the old mullock heaps right in town.

There are many, often luxurious underground homes to explore in addition to underground shops, museums, art galleries and mines.

Visit Churches, Opal Shops and Jewellers, Crocodile Harry’s Underground Nest and the Wildlife Park. Unlike most other places in Coober Pedy, you don’t need to go underground to see the town’s ‘big’ attraction, the Big Winch.

If you are up for a round of golf, check out the unique 18 hole golf course where there is not a blade of grass on the fairways and the greens are oiled sand. If visiting in August check out the Coober Pedy Races.